Aug 6, 2011

Film on Vardhman Mahaveer: An Appeal From Dr. Prakash Kataria

Dr. Prakash Kataria, Pune

I am happy to announce that, I have a fortune of making, the worlds first feature film on Vardhaman Mahaveer. The aim is not to make profit but to make , the great personality of Vardhaman Mahaveer known to the entire world, Jain & Non Jains alike. I have done research on life of Mahaveer for 2 years and therefore exhibiting many facets of his life and personality , which were unknown to Jains. I have also written 200 pages book on his life and teachings, “Vardhaman Mahaveer” which will be published in Sept 2011. I am projecting him as a Mahamanav to all of us.

Many of us do not remember clearly that Mahaveer was

1. Pioneer of movement for down trodden , the movement was further magnified by Gautam Buddha

2. Pioneer to give women (equal to men) right of moksha, education, and religion, and authority in religion.

3. Pioneer of Aparigraha (no greed no hoarding) principle

4. Pioneer of Anekantwad (Truth has many facets and looks different from different angles)

5. He was pioneer to abolish the caste and creed system , etc

7. Pioneer to preach principle of Ahimsa in depth . He taught the world including Vedic Brahmins “the vegetarianism & environment”

8. Pioneer to give importance to mans action (Purusharthwad)

9. Pioneer in India to abolish caste creed & Chatur-Varnya system etc

10. Pioneer to create a higher chair for making a woman who was down trodden a religious head of women

He had far bigger social problems to address in that era than advising on onions and potatoes.

If you are interested in knowing more like his exact teaching, preaching , exact travel route , dialogue with other religious heads of Vedic religion, Ajeevaka , & Buddha religion , you may please write to me. I am looking for wide participation of all Jain and non jain people in making this movie. Cast will be finalized in 2 to 4 weeks. Shooting will start in Sept 2011.

Please let me know, which area you would love to participate. I request all Jain organizations and saints to propagate this message so that I get really a wider participation.

Note: Looking for 15 main actors actresses & other professionals for movie making
Thanking you
Dr Prakash B Katariya



1. Name of the Banner – Bharat Sudhar Films,Proprietor: Dr Prakash B Katariya

2. Production company – A Media House.
3. Title of the Film – Vardhaman Mahaveer.
4. Language – Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati,( Tamil, Telgu) etc.
5. Format – 35mm Dolby Digital.
6. Cameras – Arri 435 extreme and Arri alexa.
7. Duration of film – 2 Hours Approximately.
8. Lyrics – Dr. Prakash B. Kataria.
9. Story – Dr. Prakash B. Katariya.
10. Screen play – Dr. Prakash B. Katariya, Rajesh & shailesh Limkar.
11. Dialogues – Dr. Prakash Katariya.
12. Director & Director of Photography
– Rajesh Chandrakant Limkar.
13. Art Director – Mahesh Taware(FTII), Dilip Kandhare, Sandeep Inamke.
14. Make up – Suhas Gawate, Amod Doshi.
15. Costume – Sunoma.
16. Music Director – Ashok Patki,
17. Choreographer – Nandkishor Kapote.
18. Singers – Lata Mangeshkar, Kailesh Kher, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal, Anuradha Paudwal and may be gan samradnee sadhwiji adarniya Madhusmitaji
19. Post production – ADLabs, Reliance Media work Ltd.,
20. Graphics & VFX–Pixion.
21. Audio promotion – Venus Music. (Shri. Champakji Jain)
22. Film Release – Whole India and Abroad. 23. Stars. Rhitik roshan. Maushmi udeshi. Sanam jain. Etc. C
24 .Jewellary designing. Dr . Surekha 9325126105
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