Nov 2, 2009

Jain Nadavaru | Nadavar Community | Jain Community

Jain Nadavaru is a well-educated warrior (Kshatriya) community in North Canara district of Karnataka, India. Their estimated population is 30 thousands. Their literacy rate is almost 100%.

Although they are known as Jain Nadavaru, they were converted to Hinduism between 16th and 18th century. However, still they observe some Jain rituals. A hundred year ago, their marriage rituals were picked from both Jainism and Hinduism. Both Hindu and Jain priests performed the rituals. Now they are vaishnavs, but not so religious.

In their villages, we find old Jain temples. Also small temples of Shantala Devi are seen, who was a famous Jain queen of Hoysal dynasty.

They were chieftains during the rule of Rashtrakuts, Hoysals and Vijay Nagar Empire. Until recent past, they were mainly landowners and farmers. Now they are seen various fields of life, especially in education and commerce.

Nadavarus speak Kannada language, but their Kannada is somewhat different from the mainstream Kannada. Its morphology is similar to that of Marathi. This fact suggests that in medieval period Nadavarus were Marathi speaking people, probably migrated to their present area from North Karnataka.

They migrated here after fall of Vijay Nagar Empire in 16th century.

More research on their past is required. It will throw light on social history of Jain community in Karnataka.

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Rohit Pawar said...

unfortunately,Buddhist and jain following aryan's foreign vedik and false tradition.

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