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As this blog is being visited by thousands of people from world over, and most of them are serious student of Jainology/Indology/Asian Studies, it is the best place for you to get published. You can send your research articles on Jainology for publishing in this blog.

What we want?

You can write on any subject related to Jainism. Please have a look on Index Page, which will give the exact idea of requirements of this blog. Reviews of Books, Interviews with scholars, Academic News, Images and Videos on related subjects are welcome.

Please note:

1. The article should be in English language

2. The article should be in digital form, in text document only

3. Your previously published articles in magazines and Newspapers are also welcome

4. Send by email to as attachment or text message

5. Please give a brief introduction of yourself, with contact details and a close-up photograph

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