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Nov 3, 2009

The Sindia Clan and its affiliation to Jainism

-Mahavir Sanglikar

The Sindia Clan and its affiliation to Jainism

Sindia is a famous clan of Maratha community in Maharashtra. It is known as Shinde in Maharashtra and Sindia in North India. The original name is Sind.

The Sindias originally belong to Naagvansh. Their flag bears the symbol of Kobra. According to some rock inscriptions and copper plates, their forefather was Ajaanbahu Sind. He was the son of Dharanendra of Ahichhatra. Ajaanbahu married a kadamb princess and got three sons from her. They founded the Sind Clan.

This Dharanendra was a very famous king in the period of Parshwa, the 23rd Teerthankar of Jainism. Parshwa also was a Naaganshi prince who became an ascetic. Dharanendra and his wife Padmavati were in trouble from Kamath, a sage. Parshwa helped them to escape from the trouble. Kamath was angry with Parshwa and one day made some trouble for him. This time, Dharanendra and Padmavati came to help Parshwa. This story is famous one still now in Jain community. They have given it a mythical touch, by making Dharanendra and Padmavati actual Cobras. Padmavati is worshipped as a Goddess especially by Jain women. In most of the Jain temples, idols of Dharanendra and Padmavati are seen.

The Ambaabaai or Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur was family deity of Sindias. This Mahalaxmi is nothing other than Padmavati. Later the temple was converted to Mahalaxmi temple.

The branches of this clan ruled from Karhatak (Karad in South Maharashtra), Junnar (Pune), Sindwadi (Bellary, Karnataka), Elburga (Andhra Pradesh), Chakrakot (Bastar) etc.

The rock inscription at Bhairanmatti near Bagalkot in Bijapur district of Karnatak gives genealogy of the Sindias. It starts from Sind Pulikal and ends at Sevyaras (973 C.E. to 1076 C.E.). A detailed history of this clan is given in it.

Many rock inscriptions in Karnataka and Maharashtra show Scindia clan’s affection to Jainism.

Sindia’s affiliation with Jainism is still continuing. A famous Jain ascetic of present day Adhbhut Baba is a prince from Sindia dynasty of Gwalior. Jyotiraditya Sindia, Member of Parliament and the son of late Madhavrao Sindia has publicly announced that he follow Jain principles and is a Jain. Yashodhara Raje Scindia, sister of Madharrao Scindia has wished to become a Jain nun.

You can see gient rock Jain images  and a beautiful Jain temple in Gwalior fort.


Shashank said...

Nice article... informative and useful

jaininfo said...

nice work Mahavir keep it up :)

Researcher, Writer, Executive Coach, Life Coach Rekhesh Jain said...

New generation should know a historical event of Jainism. History teaches us how to design right policy and strategy for a sustainable set of Jain thought. Thanks

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