Nov 28, 2007

Revolutionary Jain Monk Munishri Tarunsagarji

By M.S. Chavan

He does not give his Pravachans in Jain temples. He says, "I want to escape from the temples. That is why I have stopped giving pravachans in your temples. I give Pravachans in the squares of roads, because I want to see Mahavir out of temples. My only wish is to free Mahavir from the hands of Jains, and want to spread his thoughts in masses"

He is doing what he says. Millions of non-Jain people have heard his pravachans. His pravachan are attended by masses and the highest number of the attendants was 5 Lakhs when he gave pravachan from Red Fort of Delhi. A small town, which has population of just 5000, he visited, stood there for 1 week and his pravachans were attended by 40000 people per day! All types of people, including common people and politicians, Jain and Hindu monks, Teachers and students, intellectuals, journalists, businessmen etc, attend his pravachans.

His pravachans are available in form of books also. Each book is printed in mass quantity and Lakhs of copies of his books are sold.

Each of his Chaturmas is observed in different states. He has planned to visit all the states of India and also Nepal. Until now he has visited Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and now he is in Nashik, Maharashtra. Recently he conducted a sanskar shibir for school students, which was regularly attended by more than 30Thousand students.

Probably he is the only saint whose pravachans are arranged by all sects of Jains with equal participation. He has brought all Jains together and out of temples and sthanaks.He has a modern vies of Jainism. He does not hesitate to say the truth even if it is notdigestible to the Jains.

He is Jain Munishri Tarunsagarji. People involved in miracles should see how a Muni could spread Jainism in masses without showing miracles!

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