Jan 1, 2011

Jain theory of karmas : a perspective

Jain theory of karmas was always criticized by the Buddhists and the advaitis etc. JAIN THEORY OF KARMA SAYS THAT EVEN IF A KARMA IS DONE WITHOUT INTENTION THEN ALSO YOU HAVE TO GET THE RESULT OF IT.

Buddhist says that the karma gives results only when done with intention. That is one of the reasons why Buddhists are allowed to eat meat of an animal which is neither killed by them, nor purposefully killed for them.But the question arises why will a butcher kill any animal if people like these are not going to come to buy the meat?

Jain theory also asks one question, that if a child who don't know what a fire can do, puts his hand in fire then will the fire not burn his hand because it will think that this little child don't know about me? No, the fire will burn his hand also.

But, yes one thing that buddhists and advaitis mistook in our theory was about the importance of intention.See if a karma is done intentionally then the strength of the bondage of karma will much more stronger as compared to that which is done unintentionally. Suppose a soldier kills a person to protect his country will have a simpler type of karma-bondage as compared to the one who kills an animal for his fun.!!!

So we can see the strength of bondage of karma with the soul depends on time, place, person , specific situations and one’s thoughts and feeling.

Dr. Amit Prakash Jain

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