Feb 1, 2011

Jat Historian Finds Evidences of Pre-Rishabha Jainism

Krishna Chander,  a Jatt historian from Delhi has got success in finding evidences of Pre-Rishabha Jainism When  he  was  researching  the  JATT  in  Indus   Settlement   and  searching  this  all  in  oldest  Iranian  literature,  found  that  a  word  Genii  is  coming  again  and  again.  He realized  that  he will be  unable  to  write  the  history  of  JATTs without finding pre-history of Jainism. But he didn't know anything about Jain history.  So he studied lot of books  by  Jain  scholars  but  was unable to get any  scientific  and logical historicity  of  Jainism.                                                                                            

Many Jain scholars claim that there are many verses regarding Rishabha in Rigveda.  But Krishna Chander claims that these  verses  about  Vrsabh  in  Rig-Veda  are  not  according  the  teaching  of  Rasbha.  He again contacted many Jain scholars regarding this problem, but all is vain.

But he got lot of references from Institute for Jain Studies from Pune, which helped him to decode pre-history of Jainism.

He says, “I unlocked  the  Avsarpni  Kalchakra.  I found that ARRA  is   month.  I  found  it  in  written  records  and  confirmed  that  Kalchakra  is cycle  of  AARAS..  Avsarpani  is  River  and  this  whole  Kalchakra  is  only  circle  of  one  year. But  it  is  surprising  that  year  have  two  meaning.  Four  KORRA-KORRI  SAGAR  is full  a  circle  of one  agricultural   period  which  is  always  of  about  9  month  in  Egypt  and  also  in  Indus  area..”

He  unlocked  the  Yuga  chakra  and found that historicity of Jainism  can  be  calculated  Mathematically.  If  you  do  yourself  then  you  will  find  a  ratio  in  all  of  the  Yuga  e.g.  4: 3: 2: 1.  Who  did  it?  That too in Chalcolithic  period? (Chalcolithic period means Copper Age).  What  is  X  factor  in  the  ratio?  Why  this   X   factor  is  locked  in  Yuga  system?  Surprisingly  when  he unlocked  this  X  factor  he found that at that time  year  of  10  month  existed  which  was  a  common  practice  before  Romans,   gave  12  months  in  a  year. He further  unlocked  and  found  that  fix  ratio  is  due  to  Sothic  Chakra  of  1440  solar  years  of  12  months.  What  was  the  need  to  adjust  lunar  circle  to  solar  circle?  Why  this  Sothic  factor  is  just  near  to  accurate  calculation  which  is  1460  years..  These all  answers  go  to  Pre-historic Jainism.

More  interesting  thing is that  by  this  calculation  we  find  the  KRITA  YUGA  in  4240 B.C (4000--4500).  It is  the    time  of  Kulkars.  What  is  KULKAR?  Krishna Chander claims that they are first farmers of Oxus/ waksha/Daitya/ Viro/wehrot  (yaksha).   This is the place just near  to  SUMERU  mountain.

Similarly  he  found  the  written  and  recorded  historicity  of  Jainism. He says, “ I  am  proud of  that  a  religion  which  was  first  religion  of  world,  Chalcolithic  aged, and recorded,  is  present  till today in  my  country.  Of  course  it  divided  in  so  many  forms  like  Budhism  etc  but  its  continuity  is  still present  in  India.  Indus  Civilization  continuity  is  running  in  Pakistan  also  and  continuity  of  Jainism is  also  running”

Krishna Chander has just completed his book on this subject.  In  his  book  you  will  find  the  meaning  of  Tirthankar,  Chaujjam  of  Parsnath,  written  historicity  of  Jainism,  Three  horned  Deity of  Indus valley which is nothing but Rishabha, Agriculture in Indus valley civilization and many other related things.  He has collected many archeological evidences as well as ancient Arabic and Persian literature. He has proved the existence of primitive form of Jainism in Sumerian Culture.

--Mahavir Sanglikar

Contact details of Krishna Chander:
Email:   krishna.chander2010@gmail.com       


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aarati said...

great work....i wish to know much more on the subject...is anything available on the jaina philosophy....

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