May 15, 2011

Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Creation Myths Video

By Mackenzie Meitner through Professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II

In this project we are first introduced to the Hindu notion of the Golden Egg, a cosmic egg from which all sprang. The next segment introduces Jain cosmology as a series of four ages, slowly degenerating from giants to modern human sizes. At one point during the documentary, an image of Shiva is referenced as Rishabha Deva, the first tirthankara or ford-maker. Also, the Jain ultimate state is not nirvana but kevalajnana or wisdom-only as one becomes a being of pure wisdom. 18000years remain for this age and the disappearance of Jainism and its re-emergence anew. Buddhism has no particular opinion and the importance of creation is far less relevant that stopping mental turbulence. Nevertheless, a parody of creation exists in Buddhism as beings became greedy for edibles, particularly ancient fungi. Social hierarchies emerge as ignorance descends on the wise beings through their desire. For Hindus, the universes cycle again and again like the other too. From the cosmic egg, Brahma creates as part of Vishnus dream. Meitner has a nice way with crisp and clear visuals, the panning and transitions are excellent. No video elements in this would mean a loss of a point, but I am counting the brilliance of the other components as an A for this interesting work. jp

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