May 29, 2011

Kongar Puliyankulam Jain Hill Madurai

Prof. Dr. Kanaka. Ajithadoss

A 2000 years old Jain Heritage treasure at Madurai- All the hills in and around Madurai are Jain Hills- One is at Konkar Puliyan Kulam- 17 KM west of Madurai on Madurai- Kambam Highway. The hill is also called Panchapandavar Malai. it has a very large cave with about 50 stone beds; this was the abode of Jain Ascetics from 2nd cent.BCE. at one plce on the rock a bas relief Thirthankar idol is present which was the gift of Great Achrya Ajja Nandhi who revived JinaDharma In Madurai and the whole of Tamil nadu around 10th cent CE, On the brow of the cave three Tamil- Brahmi Inscriptions are found dating back to 2nd cent. BCE ( 2000 years old).

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