Aug 8, 2011

Bhama Shah: Trusted Lieutenent of Maharana Pratap

Most of us know about the donations made by Bhama Shah to Maharana Pratap, but we do not want to speak anything about Bhama Shah's role in battle field. Recently I watched a news on TV about Maharana Pratap's statue at Parliament of India. The statue is accompanied by his four generals, one of whom is Bhama Shah, holding a sword in his hand like other three Generals.

Now let us see Bhama Shah's role in the battle field Bhama Shah --- The Saviour Minister Bhama Shah, the son of Bharmal -- Kiledar of Ranthambhore, came of the Oswal family of Chitor and was born on the 25th June, 1547 A.D. By dint of merit and ability, he won the favour of his young master and rose by degrees to higher position and ranks. He under the leadership of Pratap, fought gallantly at the fierce and famous battles of Haldighati (1576 A.D.) and made several desperate attacks upon the divisions of the Mughal army at Nadol, Diver, Ranakpur, etc., being impressed with his valourous actions and rare ability of civil and military acumen, Pratap entrusted the management of Finances and the State forces to him. He well stood to the task. He not only consolidated Pratap's authority in Mewar but also overran nearly the whole of Malwa. In this exploit he exacted tribute amounting to 25 lakhs of rupees and 20 thousand Asharfis and presented the entire collection to the Rana at the village of Chulia. Besides this huge amount he was providing countless concealed hordes of silver, gold and jewels, of which he maintained confidential notes with him, time and again, to lessen the financial stringency of the State, occasioned by frequent wars and aiding in Pratap's scheme of the consolidating programmes of his new capital -- Chawand. For all this Bhama is remembered with esteem as a brave and benevolent `Saviour' Minister of the State.

Tarachand: Warrior Brother of Bhama Shah

Bharmall Kavadia had two sons viz. Bhamashah and Tarachand, Bhamashah was elder one. Tara Chand who was four years younger to Bhamashah was also an able administrator, valiant fighter and commanded the forces of Mewar on several occasions like his elder brother Bhamashah. Pratap appointed him as a Governor of `Godwad' after the battle of Haldighati in which Tara Chand also fought bravely side by side of Bhama Shah. Tara Chand governed the region of `Godwad' very ably upto the time of his death. He was given an independent charge of this region and hence was bestowed the title of `Thakur'. Late Dr. R. P. Bhatnagar in his book writes that `Sadri' was founded by Tara Chand where he had constructed many buildings. Tara Chand and Bhamashah jointly looted Malwa and as a punishment recovered 25 lakh rupees and 20 thousand Gold coins which they presented to Maharana Pratap at Village Chulia in 1578 and 1580. Tara Chand as Dr. Bhatnagar writes was a great patron of `Lunkagach' sect of Jains. He was also a lover and patron of literature. He patronized liberally writers. Poets by granting them handsome rewards. He was also fond of music. Tara Chand died at an early age in 1591 when he was only about 41 years old.

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