Dec 15, 2011

Summary of Jaina Education Committee Activities 2011

Summary of Jaina Education Committee Activities

Looking back at 2011, we can definitely say that it was a great year for the JAINA education committee and the Jain eLibrary project committee.

JAINA Educational Material

Jaina Educational material is now in use in several countries like UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. We continuously add/improve all our Pathshala Educational material. Jain story book was gifted to 700 Jain Pathshala teachers in their recognition gathering at "Tapovan" in Ahmedabad, India. The demand for Jaina Education material has significantly increased in India. Pratikraman Sutra book of Svetambar tradition is almost complete and a soft copy will be sent to all Päthashala teachers and uploaded on eLibrary website within two weeks. You can purchase any Jaina Educational material from Jain eLibrary website - (Please do not go to Jaina website because many Jaina Education Committee links do not work).

Jain eLibrary Project

Significant progress has been made in Jain eLibrary. This year alone 5200 new users have registered their email addresses to download religious materials from the eLibrary website. We now have 11,300 registered users from 75 countries. Also this year our users have downloaded 48,000 books, articles and MP3 files. This year we have added 800 books and 3000 articles on the eLibrary website. Various organizations in India and USA support Jain eLibrary project. Collectively so far we have spent more than $70, 000 on this project

Request for Your Support

Volunteers who prepare the Jain education materials and manage eLibrary activities not only pay for their own expenses in doing these activities, but they also donate to the cause. So, 100% of your contributions go to paying for printing & shipping of Pathshala books and scanning & website related expenses. We depend on the generosity of our supporters to carry forward these worthy tasks. We thank each and every one of you for your support.

If you haven't had a chance to donate this year, we encourage you to consider donating some funds to the Jaina Education and eLibrary activities. Your generosity inspires all of us, for that we are truly grateful to you. How to contribute to Jaina Education and eLibrary (see below)

JAINA Teachers' National Conference 2012 at Los Angeles

Dates: May 25-26-27-28, 2012 (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon) Memorial Day Weekend

Registration will be opened in January 2012 and we will inform you as soon as online registration is available.

How to Contribute to Jaina Education and Jain eLibrary Activities:

1. By Check / Cheque or Bank Draft (US $ Only) -

Name on Check - Jaina Education Committee

C/o Pravin K Shah
509 Carriage Woods Circle
Raleigh, NC 27607 USA

Telephone +1-919-859-4994 USA, E-mail -

Donation is Tax deductible in USA

2. By Check / Cheque or Bank Draft (Indian Rupees Only) -

Name on Check or Draft - Shree Gyanvardhak Charitable Trust

C/O Arihant Graphics (Sudesh Shah)
Nanakram Super Market, Shop No F-20, Ramnagar, Sabarmati
Ahmedabad - 380005 (Gujarat) India

Telephone +91 99988 90335 (India), E-mail -

Donation is Tax deductible in India

3. By Credit Card or Paypal Account (US $ only) - Click or copy/paste the following link

Donation is Tax deductible in USA

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