Jun 21, 2011

Malkhed fort to get a facelift


The State Government has for the first time initiated measures to protect and develop the historic fort at Malkhed in Sedam taluk of Gulbarga district.

Malkhed was known in the past as Manyakheta, the capital of the erstwhile Rashtrakuta Empire. A team of experts from Bangalore-based architects and consultants Saolapurkar & Associates visited the fort a few days ago to prepare a project report for the protection of the monument and for giving it a facelift.

Official sources told The Hindu here that based on a proposal submitted by the Hyderabad Karnataka Area Development Board (HKADB), the State Government had asked the consultants to send a team to prepare a report on the action required to protect the fort and its surroundings, and suggest methods for proper maintenance.

Malkhed had a glorious past under the Rashtrakuta dynasty, particularly under the emperor Amoghavarsha Nrupatunga, who ruled for 64 years and penned the first classical Kannada work, Kavirajamarga. Malkhed was the capital of the Rashtrakuta Empire from 814 A.D. to 968 A.D. Amoghavarsha and scholars such as mathematician Mahaveeracharya, and intellectuals Jinasenacharya, Ajitasenacharya and Gunabhadracharya helped to spread Jainism in the region.

Malkhed also houses the famous ‘brindavan' of Madhva seer Jayatirtha (given the title of Teekacharya) at the Uttaradi Math. Jayatirtha, a favourite disciple of Akshobhya Tirtha, who was also one of the four disciples of Madhvacharya, had converted Malkhed into the centre of Madhva study and had acquired great fame as a commentator on the works of Madhvacharya.

Every year during the month of ‘Ashada', the Aradhana Mahotsava of Jayatirtha is held at Malkhed. People from across the country participate.

The HKADB had submitted a proposal for the overall development of Malkhed at a cost of Rs. 4.95 crore, which included construction of guest houses, approach roads to the fort, lighting and a library, and renovation of Jain temples.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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