Jan 22, 2008

No concept ghosts in jain phylosophy

By:- Dr. Amit Prakash Jain
There is no provision of the free souls roaming around here & there in jain phylosophy (bhatakti aatma).
There is no aatma(preyt) which can enter into some other person's body as believed in the other religions.
When a person dies his soul travels very very fastly to right up & from there it takes another birth - all this happens in some micr or milli fractions of a second.
There is discription about the Vyantar devs who can be regarded as "bhoot-prets" in general language, but this vyantar dev has thier own bodies & can't get into somebody else's body.
so I tell you that whenever you find any psychiatric case in which the person seems as if some aatma has entered in his body-then it is falso according to science as well as jain phylosophy.
But, again the person may not be malingering rather he may be having a psychiatric problem & should be treated properly.

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